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The loneliness and the dog that was.

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The clouds are above me again but i nolonger fear the rain that will follow.
To much time has passed since i have been here and many rains have fallen before.
The coldness of the rain is nothing compared to the pain in my heart and soul.
The tears that have stained my cheeks will be washed away only to be replaced by more to come.

Its seems like a lifetime ago, when you were with me. so sure you wanted me.
Just a puppy with so much love to give, so much joy to bring.
I played, , i ran, i jumped and i swam. I ran to you with trust and generousity of spirit. i gave you unconditional love and comfort when you were sad.
wasn’t that enough for you, you were definately all i ever wanted.

Years went by so fast, you were never home but i always waited at the gate for you. So happy to see your face and if i was lucky a kind word or pat.
Some days you were gone so long that i cried for you but you never came back till morning.

What did i do wrong that you would leave me for so long with no food, water or love? I adore you so much!
Why did you chain me for days when i would never leave you? The chain would hurt but you nolonger cared. The sun was hot, and the winters cold and you nolonger cared. Still i wanted you too love me.

Finally i jumped up wiith joy as you released my chain and led me to the car. . . .Yes thankyou it will just be like the old days and we will go to the beach and play. I was so happy even though you put me in the back and not beside you. I could live with that as long as we were together.

We went a long way, , past places i didnt remember but i was still so overjoyed to be with you. I would go anywhere with you as long as you were by my side.
Hours past and you never stopped to give me water but i trusted you and knew i would get some soon. You love me!

We stopped on a deserted road but that was ok because we can still play in the feilds nearby. I was glad to get out of the car and have something to drink. i was so thirsty. Why did you not offer me some? Maybe soon after we play!
Thankyou for removing my collar as it was causing a nasty sore on my neck, Please notice it and not chain me again. .

Suddenly you jumped in the car and drove away. Is this a new game? I will run my fastest and you will be proud of my speed. I might be old but i can still run and play. Perhaps not that fast because i can nolonger see you. I will wait till you come back for me. I dont think i like this new game any more! I am thirsty and tired now, i want to go home!

Night falls and it starts to rain. My fur is not enough to protect me from the cold, the droplets are freezing me to the bone. Should i move and find some cover or should i stay and wait for you? I chose to wait just so you can find me. I am now so cold and tired that i fall into a fitfull sleep. As dawn breaks i am still alone.

So much time has pasted and i still wait, no longer able to stand and i can barely lift my head. Too afraid to leave because i know you will come for me. Didn’t you once tell me you loved me! As the rain again begins to fall, mixing with the tears that flow from my eyes i begin to drift off. Hunger is my only companion now and the blackness is closing in.

As Winter comes to the land, the rivers flow, the wind is howling though the trees no one sees the old dog dead by the road. No one cares to look. He is just another victim of a society that doesn’t care. A dog that never lost faith, never lost his unconditnal love even when in the end it cost him his life.

Never forget the love our furry friends give us unconditionally. Never abuse that trust or you dont deserve to have it in the first place!



Author: Animal Force

Animal rights activist

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