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In a windowless room stands a man and a mirror… Who is this man, why the mirror?

Is the mirror his window, what does he see when he stares within it depths.. Does he see a man with vision , imagination and heart. Does he see a young man, a man in his prime or does he see the age creeping up on him like claws ready to take from him the nimbleness of youth.

As the silence grow the man still looks within the depths of the mirror.. Does he see the errors of his ways within the lines of his face and the bleakness of his eyes.. Does he see beside his image the souls he has cast despair on through his arrogance and ego… Does he see his own image as it really is?

The mirror looks back at him with justifiable truth and screams at him in the silence.

You are but an empty spirit devoid of humanity, you are but an old man with no soul.

Margaret Huntley

Picture. Flickr: Simon Rankin’s Photostream
Blue ball point pen drawing of naked man in mask looking in mirror


Author: Animal Force

Animal rights activist

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