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The grass is sweet but I search amongst it for the best. I am not sure why I am searching so hard and why I feel so hungry. I look across the meadow, it’s so green, the morning dew sparkles on the grass, on the leaves of the trees and drips off the branches and I drink until my stomach is full but still I feel such thirst.

I look up and see a blue sky. The birds are singing and flying above me but they sound so strange, not like birds at all and I start to sense a chill in the air. A slight breeze picks up and becomes so strong that it feels as though it is pushing me but I need to stand my ground but why do I feel that I have to.

The flowers in my meadow have turned red, their petals dropping like teardrops and surrounding me till I am afraid to move. Where are the butterflies I love to chase, don’t they like my meadow anymore? I wish to play.

Why does everything seem so wrong?

The chill settles around me clawing its way into my flesh and bone. Its presence a physical thing so thick and intense it causes me pain, so I close my eyes wishing for the warmth of the sun but there is none.

A sharp pain causes me to jump in fear and I open my eyes… I must have been dreaming as there is concrete beneath my feet not grass, the strange sounds I heard from the birds I now recognise as the screaming and weeping of my friends and family crying for justice and salvation. The flower petals are blood at my feet, the wind my kinsmen beside me as our bodies brush against each other for room.

They are terrified as I am but unable to flee. Before me and around me I smell and see death and I know my fate but don’t understand why. Propelled forward I face my biggest fear, the greatest evil and my worst enemy. A creature with no soul, devoid of compassion and a heart that merely pumps blood through its body but feels nothing.

I step forward of my own accord like a sacrifice knowing it is fruitless to run. In that final second I look into the creatures eyes and know that I am going to a better place than this once its over, but this creature will burn in hell for eternity. I close my eyes!

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Author: Animal Force

Animal rights activist

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