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Please help us provide critical veterinary services for desperate #animals in Fiji.

Poppy is Fiji’s most famous dog and her amazing journey is helping to highlight the desperate plight of animals in Fiji.
Poppy arrived at the Animals Fiji Clinic with a brutal facial injury in March 2012.

It appeared she had been struck by a cane knife amputating 50% of her muzzle. With a dreadful open wound she had been left to fend for herself, and by the time she reached us was just 9kg – 50% of her normal body weight.

Had a good Samaritan, not found Poppy and handed her in, she would have died of starvation or as a result of her wounds.
Due to lack of funding, the Animals Fiji Clinic did not have a vet on staff. Poppy waited several months before receiving veterinary treatment.

In the meantime, our clinic staff kept her comfortable, pain-free and well fed.
Thanks to a fundraising appeal, Poppy was airlifted to Australia in October 2012 for reconstructive surgery by Dr. Andrew Marchevsky. Her journey was filmed and documented by the Australia television show, Bondi Vet.

Poppy’s story is one in a million. Sadly, so many of the animals she left behind in Fiji suffer and die every day without treatment for illness and injury.



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