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Chicks deserve better.

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When a dog or cat is happy or scared, isn’t it amazing how we know? However, many people have a difficult time extending their compassion towards birds – namely because their faces are “in one position”/ie they cannot smile or weep like humans so it can be hard to distinguish emotions. That said, please look at the utterly terrified day old chicks in the photo below. Male chicks in the egg industry are simply thrown out, left to suffocate in garbage bags, or ground up alive because they cannot lay eggs and cannot grow fast enough to produce a profitable amount of meat. While it can sometimes be hard to identify with birds, there’s no doubt that these tiny beings are incredibly terrified to die in the above video still… Help end animal suffering, please:


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The suffering of factory farm chickens!

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Tell me again how your egg addiction is worth their pain?


You can’t walk a mile in the shoes of a battery chicken, because battery chickens can’t walk a foot, much less a mile. But stand for an hour in the cage of a battery chicken, Stand jammed so tightly in a cage with other birds that you cannot turn around or stretch your wings. Stand up to your knees in your own excrement and the excrement of your fellow prisoners while being constantly splattered with the feces and urine of prisoners in cages stacked above you. Breathe air so poisonous with ammonia from the urine that your jailers and torturers have to wear protective masks when they enter the building. Never see sunshine. Never breathe fresh air. If you are injured or fall ill, just suffer; nobody cares, nobody is going to send for a doctor. If you die, so what? It’s cheaper that way.”

-A quote from a speech transcript by Norm Phelps

This is a cage-free egg farm. This supplier would be allowed to also call this farm “humanely raised” and depending on the feed, call it organic. Does it look humane to you? Does it look like they have any more space than a battery cage? They’re still debeaked. Still de-toed. The males are still ground up alive! And they’re still slaughtered. So what could possibly make this “humane”? That’s right, nothing.




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“This was his last moment on earth. He tried to fly away, but he was too young. He was someone. And he wanted to live.” – Mikko Alanne from Twitter
This is what happens in the egg industry. All male chicks are put into industrial blenders while still alive (or suffocated in bags). This happens even when your eggs are labelled “free range” or “humane.” Go vegan today.